Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my 26th birthday and really, my mom deserves the credit. Thanks for all the happy birthdays and thank you all for making me feel special!

The awesome yellow/Jello cake that C made me! He's never made me a cake before and the frosting is just Cool Whip and strawberries and raspberries. It was so tasty!

Me. I'm a goober and still recovering from an awful sunburn. I was also watching a movie (HP and the Order of the Phoenix - which C got me for my birthday) which explains the glasses.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our Favorites (at the Dodge Power Wagon Rally)

2010 Dodge Power Wagon, on loan for the Rally, from Dodge. That was cool. Needless to say, it was loaded, you know, just to show us what we too could have for {cough} lotsa money.

We really liked this one. The guy that owned it hasn't done much with it, but it was seriously cool. We were behind him on the last trail ride. So cool.

C LOVED this truck. A modified (obviously) Power Wagon rock crawler. The driver can extend the FRAME by THREE FEET with the touch of a button. I've never seen that before.

I love the town wagons - especially the colors that the owners chose to paint them!

Our neighbors in the campsite - they drove to IA from Ohio (I think). Very cool truck and great color combo. We, of course, sat up late with them one night around a fire (s'mores for me) and talked about what else we could possibly do to our trucks.

I think this was a working truck, as in, not just a pretty restoration. C and I dig the flatbed.

Again, I love my town wagons. This was the only Dodge Power Wagon (that I know of) owned by and driven by a girl (go J!). It is also called The Purple People Eater and has had tons of work to get into the condition that you see here. This was top two favorites for me (and all of the other kids).

A cool run-around, not restored version. I liked this a lot.

One of C's favorites, owned by S, whom I'm sure we consider a friend at this point. He's got a lot of money in this truck and it shows - it is fantastic.

Not only a great photo (or, I took it and I like it), but another awesome working truck. This is what you think of hanging around the farm.

I WANT ONE OF THESE! IN YELLOW! C is working on finding/getting me one. Dodge was apparently one of the original quadcabs!

This is just cool.

Anne & C (Taken by Anne) via DPW Rally

Pictures of feet and torn jeans, because there had to be.

The only picture of Anne not taken by Anne. The ONLY one.

He's happy, we're cruising down the trail, and I am awesome (and windblown).


He is smiling. He had SO much fun!

Me and the swampy area. Mud coming up . . .

He's thrilled that I took over 450 pictures at the Rally. Really he is. It was just the forced portraits that he wasn't so keen on.

Some love?

Dork, total dork. I know that's what you are thinking. Cheesy grin too.

That's not me behind C, that is Dana (aka Skull Bandanna Guy) and Red Shirt Guy. I named a lot of guys by their truck or what they were wearing. I liked these two: they were funny.

C at the 2009 Dodge Power Wagon Rally

C had a ball at the Rally. He talked to this guy and that guy and about his truck and their truck and what he's planning to do and what they are planning to do. He loved it.
Our pride and joy had a lot of guys talking. There wasn't another one of these there and it was a conversation starter.

C had to look over the major mud hole to figure out how he was going to conquer it - and he did!

C really liked this truck (fully restored) and talked to the owner, Steve, quite a bit (really nice guy!)

C is the trailer man - he can park anything anywhere.

Talking about his truck. Some more.

Have I mentioned that he was happy to be there?

NOT our next project, although C does want a panel wagon. Save me. Save me now. Do you have any idea how much body work that is? I have a small idea and it scares me.

His hat was a BIG hit at the Rally.

Passengers on the trail ride.

Our Dodge Power Wagon: 1941 WC-16

The Dodge Power Wagon Rally was June 10-13th in Fairfield, IA, the home of Vintage Power Wagon (the best place to pick up parts).
C's is the first one in a long row that lined three sides of the city's square.

The inside - automatic transmission, some bells, and a lot of fabrication. Saturday was definitely a jeans and boots day.

After mudding - C was so proud, but had to give the WC a rinse off before the parade.

Oh, and it mudded well. It's a great truck and it made us proud through the mud.

More mud and I love the DPW bumpers!

Front end in the mud.

After getting through the worst of the mud! There was a lot of towing and winching, but C made it through after carefully surveying the mud ruts!

End of the mud ruts!

Dirty, but clean. That makes sense, right?

Tough tires, but C wants different ones.

We had a lot of fun (especially C!) and plan on returning (with the dogs) next year!