Sunday, July 18, 2010

KanRocks 7/17

This was the second weekend of Jeeping for C, bossJ, and J at KanRocks. I went along for fun. And for the food - I packed apples and killer sandwiches.

Last picture of the outing. I am very very hot. Have already drank 60ozs of water. Sweated off 2-3 lbs. Not even kidding. Had stayed relatively mud free until five minutes before we left. Thanks, C.

BossJ's Red Rocket did quite well. There are some overheating issues, but he's also waiting on a custom radiator and some other accesories to come in that should fix all of that. Very capable rig - especially with the lockers.

New friend M, with an awesome yellow Jeep. Again, very capable, even mostly stock.

S navigating the terrain for boss J. Having a great time.

Yes, thank you for asking, we DO have quite a few Jeeping clips on video - shot by C, J's daughter L, or me. Yes, if you stop by the house there is a good chance C will force you to watch them.

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