Sunday, July 26, 2009

CC Demo Derby 2009

Title got you all excited, didn't it? For those of you who don't click over to AM's site automatically, I'm going to have to route you there for the pictures. I know that I took some of them, and sometime thereafter, I lost my camera. Thankfully, the loss occurred AFTER downloading the pictures to AM's computer. Have to be thankful for the little things!

AM's Derby Post

A few things have to be said about the derby.

a) I am so proud that AM went to the derby to support her husband and to introduce little E to the mud and noise and magic that is a demolition derby. I know that it meant A LOT to R to have his wife, son, and daughter (in utero) in the stands cheering him on. Little E has recently learned his parents' first names and could be heard yelling his dad's name (not yelling "Dad," mind you). AM did have to insulate little E from the noise (think "earmuffs"), but it was obvious he had a great time.

b) In a huge show of support, and love of R and C (who was pit crew) and AM, me, and little E, my parents and C's parents showed up and we all created a little R cheer section. Again, I have a small idea what my parents and C's parents mean to R, so I have to think that it was important to him that they were there.

c) R had some fancy fancy moves in the consolation heat (he struck out in his heat, made it to the consolation, won top two in the consolation heat, made it to the feature, and struck out in the feature). You need to see the video and I'll try and get it up here. Every time he was about to be slammed, he just barely escaped and then laid some crash down on someone else. He did great and really, DDs are only going to get better for him with his type of experience.

d) Sno cones are good for the heart and the soul and the heat and the dust. They just need to put hard liquor in them at county fairs.

e) I caught a huge toad at the fair and showed it to E. He was not impressed.

There's more because there is always more to Demo Derby, but if you really want to feel like you were there, you need to stop by next year.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Laketime Over the 4th and Some Dogs

We spent a lot of time at the lake over the 4th of July weekend. First time was a fishing expedition (few fish, no sunburn), and the second time was a tubing/wake boarding outing (small sunburn). Pictures are from the tubing fun with the S family:
J is C's friend and boss and he probably would not like this picture, but there were worse ones of us all, so I figure it's okay.

(Double) LL is J's girlfriend and she is nice, fun, and always helpful - we had a lot of fun hanging out!

We were able to swim a bit - you can see C in the red life vest, J's son G in the purple, and his daughter L in the yellow on the tube. I think it is one of the harder tubes to stay on!

G and C swimming around.

L, G, and C goofing off in the water. We had been playing king-of-the-tube earlier, as well as climbing on the tube and doing flips off (okay, that was me). C and L were the best tubers (funny!) by far. And (double) LL surmised the "art" or "sport" of tubing very well: it's all about seeing who can hold the longest just to spite the other five people in the boat. I tend to agree - it's why I hold on and why I did not go tubing this last time.

The dogs, both of them, have been really clingy and needy lately. Boris is usually like that, but Bella's neediness was a little unusual. So I had her climb up in the recliner with me for some "mom-time." All 90 pounds of her.

PS. I am tan due to all the sunburns. Really, this is tan for me!

Boris in his pool (through a foggy camera). He seems to pee in it, keep playing in it, and then drink from it and puke, so we have to stay on top of rinsing it out when the pool turns green.

Funny dog - loves the hose! Or is it his arch nemesis? I can never tell.

C and I have learned to store the hose on the other side of the fence. Or Boris gets it. And drags it all over the yard. And will probably puncture it sometime soon. But oh how he loves/hate it.