Sunday, January 24, 2010

The One About Shoes

This post may initially seem shallow and superficial, but it isn't. Not completely.
Shoes are important here. We protect our feet from rough terrain, too smooth ice, slippery surfaces, the heat and the cold, and we do so with SHOES!
While it is nice to have the fashionably, pretty shoes, it probably goes without saying that C and I go for function over fashion most days.
So, after months of searching for some good shoes with little results, I finally found some that I love. Which resulted in the purchase of three pairs. A big shout-out to the Tradehome store - I always find shoes that I love there. As opposed to Off Broadway Shoes, where I usually regret my purchases and the pain they cause my feet.
Oh, and I have very, very good taste in shoes, as far as the supportive ones go.

In the montage above, we have Earth Shoes (the brown leather shoe shoes), J-41s (which are shoes made out of Jeep tires and designed by Jeep), and Merrells (the brown leather/suede mary janes). I've done some research into Earth Shoes (popular in the 70s) and they are supposed to be designed to support women as they walk using the reverse heel technology (the heel has less of a sole than the ball of the shoe). They feel weird, but they make me stand up straight and the leather is so pretty and wonderful. The J-41 shoes are more of summer sandals, although since they have a covered toe, I can wear them to work. They have the most comfortable foot bed! And they are made by Jeep, out of Jeeps - so is there a more perfect shoe for this family? The Merrells are just wonderful - I've had my eye on these for almost nine months and there they were - the last pair and on sale! Both sister B and I have Merrell jungle mocs that have lasted us six or seven year - and mine have survived a puppy named Bella's teething (last pair of shoes she ever touched!). We love them. Merrell just makes good shoes.

A very cool picture. My slippers are the ones on the right and they are awesome. They are lined and have a real gum sole. C found these and got them for me for Christmas after I begged for a pair of LLBean slippers. These are so much better! Only one downfall: I can't wear them outside and definitely not into the garage where different chemicals on the floor can eat through the gum soles. C's slippers are on the left and they are almost as cool. They are much cheaper and much more functional because he is really hard on slippers. But he likes his too - especially when he's letting the dogs out at 6:30am every morning.

A needed close-up of the Jeep sandals. So very very cool. I may even wear them with socks just to experience them even sooner that the weather will allow. Don't tell anyone.
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Dog Bones

We visited Tractor Supply this morning. Which is across the street from Petsmart. And we can't ever deprive the dogs of a fun ride. When we arrived at Petsmart, Bella tried to eat all of the other dogs, but her paws have no grip on the tile - if they would have, I would have been in real trouble. We had to watch Boris closely as well, because he likes to mark in the store. We went with the purpose of getting them some bones and treats and sure enough, Boris began sniffing each of the bones on the shelves as if he was choosing his own. Very cute. At least two different couples stopped us to ask what type of dog he is. I am assuming that since Blue Heelers are such a working/farm breed, that they don't usually come into Petsmart. Perhaps the local co-op, but not Petsmart. And Bella, she looks like something (retriever), so people don't usually ask. But if you are a people, it should be noted that Bella is the sweet one.

We picked up two almost two foot long bones for the dogs. Boris wouldn't stay still long enough for me to capture a good picture. He is still so excited, dropping his bone on the floor and banging it into the walls. Maybe these will last more than a day!

The cow femurs always last longer. Most dogs chew on bones this way, but heelers are known to be real "handsy" dogs.

Bella's huge claws and webbed feet holding her bone in place. She was trying to get this one out of my hands before I had all of the wrapping off. Silly dog.

This is much more accurate. Bella and her two bones. She probably growled when Boris went to grab one!
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Jeep Update

Well, C has been working really hard on our CJ (Jeep) lately. He's also been helping his boss, J, fix up his "other" Jeep as well. So the boys have been living in the garage. I don't know what they eat or where they go to the bathroom and I probably don't want to know. Thankfully, C has been really good about managing the time he spends in the garage and the time he spends with me!

This is J's "play" CJ. Which means that this one can get dirty and scrapped up. He is also working on another one that is more restoration quality than rough and tumble. I do think that those are our doors on the tub though.

This is our CJ Jeep. The motor came from the maroon Jeep Grand Wagoneer, the tires are huge, and C had just painted the frame at this point.

This is our brown tub. It is practically rust free, or so the boys tell me. I think that work on this begins any time now.

This is one of C's Christmas presents. He got a pipe bender and one die for Christmas, along with a really cool bench grinder that his dad thought he needed. We'll be getting him more dies (different sizes) as needed so that he can make roll cages, step sides, and bumpers! He's really excited about everything that he got for his garage!
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