Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pinks & Oranges: Quilt No. 2

Yes, I'm elbows deep in my second quilt. The first was completed over a year ago and presented to a very deserving pint sized blond who is extremely dear to C and I. As are her parents and brother. Anyway, quilt no. 2 utilizes some of the same fabrics and the same colorway, but is a completely different beast. As in, I should have used interfacing (whatever that is) and I finally watched all sixteen tutorials on binding a quilt (and while I still don't "get" it, I have a better idea what I'm aiming for). And this one is for the darling baby C, born in June, expected in September, and able to meet one of her mommy's oldest friend this January (with quilt in hand - jopefully). So I have to get moving.

I am here.

Which means that I have the strips sewn and just need to arrange them (so that none of the same patterns touch - thanks OCD) and sew them up. I found some great aqua backing to compliment the pinks and blushes. I'll put up a picture when it is complete.

Now, C has pulled the motor out of the yellow Jeep, sold it, and put in a 350 in. It is almost drivable and C is looking forward to busting snowdrifts this winter. I used to be worried about the draftiness of Jeeps in the winter, but I'm not so worried about this one: the floorboards were warm enough this summer to almost melt flip-flops. We'll be toasty, I'm sure. If I get a moment, I'll take a picture of C's new silver motor (thanks, R!).

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Loving Part

The loving part of this blog includes where our hearts and minds have been for the last two weeks. With AJ and his parents.

Our good friends LL and boss J found out two weeks ago that little AJ needed to be coaxed into the world early due to a few complications. So on October 25, 2010 around 6pm, AJ was born. C and I were delighted to be among the first to meet him, along with his doting grandparents and older sister and brother. His weight and length were awesome, especially considering his early arrival. LL and J did great.

A quick photo of grandpa holding AJ.

Soon after I left the hospital, there were concerns about AJ's breathing and he was whisked off to the nursery and then the NICU, where they could help him a little more. His parents returned home Wednesday as AJ made fantastic progress in the NICU, until he was discharged Tuesday evening. Everyone is doing fantastically and they are quite content and settling in at home now.

We were able to visit AJ, his mom, dad, and grandma last night and it is wonderful to see how well everyone adapts to new life. We can't wait to see more of all of them!

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