Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

I'm 29 on the 29th, which I hear is my golden birthday. This has been an unexpected year.

Best present* EVER:

*Unfortunately, the present wasn't sleep, but it was a special guy named Ivan that came into our lives at the perfect time. We're so thankful and so blessed.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hey Little Dude, Today was Your Due Date

 If you heard me talking about my pregnancy at all in the last few months, you know that I was hoping for an 8+ pound baby (like my mom had!) and that I wasn't expecting this child to arrive until at least a week past his or her due date (like my mom's tardy children).  In fact, I was just hoping to have a baby earth side by the fourth of July.  Imagine my surprise.

Today, June 27th, was Ivan's due date.  It didn't mean a lot to me because about 5% of babies actually arrive on their "due date," with most arriving in the two weeks before or after said date.

I'm so glad that Ivan is here that we've met him and are figuring out this new creature that is our son to grow and raise.  The last month has been crazy (especially when you count up all the things that we've learned!).  

He's kind of the best thing ever.  No kidding.

Sometimes, as I assume it is with all new parents, I marvel at this human combination of C and me.

Little Dude loves his daddy so much.  He finds C's voice and warm touch very reassuring.  C is such a great dad - much more natural than I have been at mothering.  He is unafraid of the tiny being that is Ivan, never shies away from a diaper, and jumped right in to give Ivan his first (and so far only!) bath.

Thank you, Baby Ivan for making us parents and doing so early in your rush to enter the world. 
We surely love you and couldn't imagine life without you!

All photos courtesy of Kami @ OrangePeel Photography.
Additional photos on her blog post.

Monday, June 25, 2012

One Month Old

It's always been interesting to me that four weeks and one month aren't the same (February as the exception most years). Today, June 25th, is Ivan's one month birthday! He is truly the light of our lives. And our adoration shows:

A couple weeks ago.

A couple days ago by OrangePeel Photography*.

Fun one from a week ago, onesie says "Top Dog." See how big he is?

*Since the wonderful K from OrangePeel Photography came over last week, we should have some beautiful photos of Ivan and us in the next few weeks.

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Four Weeks Old

Someday, my mom friends tell me that I will have some time to do the things I used to, but right now, there is just baby Ivan and his needs. Mine are second, C's are third, and the dogs didn't get fed until midnight one day this week. I'm writing this with little man on my lap because he was fussing. I might get to the dishes or shower or change the sheets, but mostly likely not because I keep hearing that this guy is little for only so long.

He's four weeks old today and last week his doctor wasn't concerned about anything, so we're not due to see her again for a month or so. While there are no official stats to report, C and I can report some additional heft that Ivan has added. He feels substantial now - like you're holding a baby and not just a weighted blanket. I can also attest to him outgrowing both preemie diapers and a fair amount of preemie clothes - and that is awesome! Unless it is the middle of the night and you're figuring out that the third diaper destruction is due to the diaper being too small and then you go to change his sleeper and the one he wore two nights ago doesn't fit and the newborn sized one is huge - then it's still awesome and a total pain. Anyway, C guesses that he's over 6lbs and I'm guessing we're up another inch in length (from how he's cramming into his sleepers). Oh, and he's gorgeous. Have I mentioned that?

See for yourself:

And, "No more pictures, Mom!"

Followed by streeeecchh:

And a sneak peek of a photo taken by someone way more talented than us with something way better than an iPhone camera:

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Three Weeks Old

Baby Ivan is three weeks old today and we weren't even expecting him here yet. That is difficult to believe! He's already so much a part of our family that even if he's sleeping in another room, it doesn't quite feel right.

One of the most heard comments is currently, "He's so small!" He IS small, sort of, but I'm guessing not for long. We went to his first pediatrician appointment one week ago on June 8th (for perspective, I was originally planning on having a baby shower on June 9th) and were able to see Dr. W, who followed Ivan in the NICU. Her office is awesome, but still quite a trek across the city. She was wonderful and we found that in the three days since he was discharged from the hospital, Ivan had gone up in weight from 4-7 to 4-13, which is awesome. He also had gained another inch in length from birth: 17in to 18in.

Since everything looked good, we went ahead and switched Ivan to my family doctor, Dr. T, and we had an appointment with her yesterday. Ivan officially weighed in at 5lbs, 6oz! He also grew another inch to get to 19in! Looks like we're feeding him the right stuff! We actually switched to Dr. T for a few reasons: she's closer and part of the med center I work for, I trust her, she does not push prescriptions unless they are necessary, and she's flexible about vaccinations (we're still researching those).

And the important part: photos.

Beautiful boy.

Sleepy boy.

Burrito boy. He's trying to break free/eat his swaddle pod. I just put him in there to keep his hands warm!

*I'll see if I can't get a few eyes-wide-open photos for the next post.

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The Dogs' Reaction

The question asked by anyone that knows us: how are the dogs reacting to the baby?

Actually, better than I hoped. We had the chance to prepare them, as it took awhile for Ivan and I to finally come home. They had the opportunity to sniff lots of blankets that smelled like me, C, baby Ivan, and spit-up. And since I was gone for so long, they were very excited about these blankets.

When we finally came home, there was a lot of sniffing. Bella and Bailey licked Ivan's head and Boris kind of watched. Boris was very intrigued by the noises coming out of this tiny creature and soon enough, his nose was sniffing all over Ivan as well.

Currently, Bella will still lick his head every once in awhile. Bailey and Boris like to sleep at my feet while I'm nursing or pumping in the nursery. Bailey curls up right beside the changing table whenever she's in there.

Boris does what his breed was made for - he follows me room to room and checks on Ivan whenever the little guy makes a sound. It drives Boris nuts that he can't see over the side of the bassinet or pack'n'play when Ivan's sleeping. And when Ivan's fussing, Boris likes to lick his hand (he tries to lick him in the face) and then stare at him.

There is nothing in any of the three dogs' behavior that makes me think that they are a danger to Ivan, but we also have gates on the nursery and our bedroom for prudence sake. And I'm not letting Boris babysit any time soon.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Introducing Our Son

On Friday, May 25th, at 135pm, Ivan arrived earth side via c-section. We are both healthy and well. Ivan needed to spend twelve days in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) due to his prematurity and low birthweight (born at 35wks, 3days gestation and 4lbs, 6oz) and I was allowed to board at the hospital after I was discharged as long as he was in the NICU.
This little man is beautiful and wonderful and everything we hoped for and wanted.

Day he was born!

All the monitors, IV, etc. from the NICU.

Taking care of little dude in his isolette (glass box).

Bottle feeding because it allowed his feeding tube to come out!

Before the feeding tube came out, in his cute monkey outfit! Next to me, he sure looks tiny.

Carseat: headed home after living at the hospital for twelve days!