Friday, September 30, 2011

The W List: September Books 2011

I don't think the September tally will even compare to previous months, but I'm taking it easy and really only reading what appeals to me, discarding that which cannot grab me. This has been a difficult lesson: to give up on a book. I still haven't learned it properly. But if the book I'm reading isn't a) going to make me a better person: more well rounded, informed, engaged, and/or b) outright captivating or amusing, I need to put it away until it is one or the other. And, my excuse, as always, is that there have been other happenings this month that have limited or distracted from reading time or interest, which will make sense when revealed.

Skinned by Robin Wasserman ~ I trudged through the whole book just to find out that it really didn't matter. It's an interesting premise: downloading the entire brain to a mechanical body (after a mortal injury) in order to retain the "person," but the teenage play out is whiny and unsympathetic. Not going to read the rest of the trilogy. F YA

Carefree Clothes for Girls: 20 Patterns for Outdoor Frocks, Playdate Dresses, and More by Junko Okawa ~ Highly recommend to EB and AM for their daughters. Don't know about the ease/readability of the patterns, but the designs are timeless, lovely, simple, and well styled on a little red headed child. NF

Lingerie Secrets: Sew a Perfect Fit for Every Body by Jan Bones ~ Don't think I'm going to sew lingerie anytime soon, but I did want to know if there were any secrets. This book wasn't good or bad, as it just didn't seem important at all. NF

The Seven Wise Princesses: A Medieval Persian Epic by Wafa Tarnowska ~ Not quite a children's book, this is a awesome story about wisdom and all other morals and values (also a focus on seven colors and why each color is a specific princess' favorite) - very much enjoyed. F Older children's book

Gunn's Golden Rules: Life's Little Lessons for Making it Work by Tim Gunn ~ More of a simplistic memoir. I can't say that I loved this book, although the few times I've seen Gunn on TV, he has amused me. He seemed more petty in this book and many of the stories are about either himself or his interactions in the fashion community, so have your who's who available. NF

Little Green Dresses: 50 Original Patterns for Repurposed Dresses, Tops, Skirts, and more by Tina Sparkles ~ AM might like portions of this for ideas, but most of the refashions aren't into tops or dresses that have the "coverage" that women in the Midwest prefer. Does that make sense? I live in the Midwest and that comes with a certain style that is considered appropriate. NF

Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher ~ Oh, young adult fiction, I've missed you. Wait, with your angst, burgeoning sexuality, and drug usage, no, no I haven't. I made it through this novel and it had some very important things to say about teenage suicide. Unfortunately, the girl who committed suicide in this novel implicated others and seemed mostly unwilling to let others help her. In fact, in addition to the final act of suicide (pills), she "lets" something terrible happen to her so that she can really leave it all behind. Uggggg. F YA

House Beautiful: Decorating with Books by Marie Proeller Hueston ~ Some nice pictures and creative ways to work massive amounts of books into your decor. Nothing that book lovers already didn't know, but there are some ways to decorate that book lovers would never utilize as well. NF

The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson ~ This novel was actually interesting as it played a story between a burn victim and an eccentric woman who claims that they know one another from Germany six hundred years past. The details about recuperation from intensive burns, carving gargoyles, and how to build a lopsided relationship out of curiosity, dependence, and maybe even love were captivating. F

House Beautiful: Lighting: Inspiring Ideas for Lighting Effects from Simple to Spectacular by Judith Gura ~ Good ideas, especially about natural light during the day and lighting choices in the evening. NF

Books I've tried to read and can't finish:
Ghost World by Daniel Clowes ~ pg 30 out of 80 [too much angst and too many expletives] F GN
Swans and Pistols by Leon Bing ~ pg 180 out of 227 [this close to the end, I'm just done with her train wreck/bad decision life] NF Memoir
Into the Wild by Sara Beth Durst ~ pg 119 out of 260, didn't open Out of the Wild [interesting, with fairy tale characters injected into real life - might read at a later date and time] F YA
Three Junes by Julia Glass ~ pg 65 out of 353 [no, just no. Good title though] F
The Body Project: An Intimate History of American Girls by Joan Jacobs ~ pg 71 out of 214 [very good book - descriptive, informative, great explanations - just can't handle right now. Would be excellent resource for any type of report/paper on women in America] NF

Hopefully this isn’t categorized as a failure of a month with only ten (10) books read. Plus another 465 pages in books I cared not to finish. There might be a few books of my own that I read and have forgotten, and if so I will add them at a later date and time.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011


One of my favorite cards for the appropriate circumstance says:

"We are all creatures of this great earth - interconnected in ways beyond understanding.

Take elephants.
So big.
So strong.
And yet,
when a member of the herd passes,
even elephants mourn.
They gather around,
extend their trunks,
and gently touch
the tusks
of their fallen friend.
It's their ritual.
It's how they heal.
And it's sad.
And it's beautiful.

So maybe
what we're trying to say
is that the world
doesn't expect you
to be fine with this.

Be how you need to be.
Mourn how you need to mourn.

And know that you're thought of with love."

To my dear friends, you are held close in prayers and closer still with love. Mourn how you need to mourn.

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