Sunday, April 15, 2012

I Love My Sister

She's the only one I have and I very much cherish her!

Not the best picture of either of us (wind and poor attitudes - not Mom's fault!), but two pictures anyway. Why yes, I am pregnant - thanks for noticing! Besides the belly, do we look alike? I think we are looking more similar as the years pass - which is awesome, because I think B is very pretty.

Lovely sarcastic looks. We are so super skilled at those !

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Friday, April 6, 2012

CEO's Baby Quilt

This is one of the reasons I quilt. The joy (I believe) it brings to others. My friend AO sent me a picture of her little man enjoying the fruits of my labor and I can't resist showing all of you! It really makes my heart sing to find out that they are using what I made - also, that we'll have a little girl/guy of our own in just a few more months!

Here's an in-progress picture for the main part of the front. I keep saying this, but I really like this quilt! It took me so long to finally bind it and mail it, that I didn't get any completed pictures, so use your imagination, add some yellow and purple solids and that is what this quilt ended up. More than that, it was really for a little boy, born to a pretty cool mom and dad.

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Kitchen Remodel December 2007

Cabinet doors removed, new birthday sink and facet!

I'm not sure if I've posted any of the before/after pictures of our kitchen. We bought this house in October of 2006 and the kitchen was UGLY and come to find out, completely unsanitary. It's not that the people that lived here before us were unsanitary, but they did have poor style and taste. The pictures of the kitchen below contain incredibly limited counter space (as in, how in the world did anything ever get made in here?!), a white-scratched-stained-old sink, brown oven in the wall, brown stove with unfinished-exposed wood holding it in, gray vinyl counter and backsplash with burn holes and metal finishing details at edges, two shades of lavender (including INSIDE the cabinets painted OVER contact paper), crackle paint finish on the cabinet doors, and a hammered-spray-paint-silver finish on the cabinet hardware. Oh, and a dishwasher that connects right up to the sink whenever you'd like to use it (as in on wheels - not installed). And peel-n-stick tile floor. Um, yeah. I can live for awhile with UGLY, but I cannot live with a kitchen that can't be properly sanitized.

Can you find the burned out vinyl?

Crackle paint glory!

C bought me a stainless steel sink for my birthday (June 2007) and new facets soon after. On my birthday, I got up that morning and took a screwdriver to all of the upper cabinet doors and removed them (passive aggressive, I know). By December, we were in demolition mode (YAY!). C found a $1200 stainless steel oven/range/hood for $200 on (used twice). We picked out green counters (probably tripling counter space) and light gray tiles (for the backsplash). We worked on painting everything white and I tried to strip the cabinet doors (have you tried doing that to remove CRACKLE paint??). Dad and the guys at his store ended up finishing the stripping and sanding and then painted the cabinet doors the shade of green I picked out (huge Thank You!). We traded our gross fridge for friends' much nicer beer fridge. C installed the dishwasher. C did some other cabinetry and woodwork (made a bigger pantry!) so that we'd have more storage - the man built a giant drawer! How cool is that?

Still messy, but CLEAN and able to be SANITIZED!

Awesome stove, counter top, additional light, and that huge drawer!


*Honestly, we lost steam somewhere and there are still some spots with lavender paint AND we need to address the floor, but mostly, this kitchen is 500% better than what it was! And for whoever buys this house - if you hate green, pull the cabinet doors off and repaint - I did NOT crackle paint them!

Huge thank you to my darling C, Mom & Dad (Dad's guys at the store), C's mom & dad, etc. Family is awesome!