Monday, August 24, 2009

The Love of B and E

B arrived on Sunday, August 16th. She was slightly overdue and MUCH anticipated by everyone, her parents most of all. We were able to visit on the following Saturday and spend some wonderful time with many people dear to us.
This is AM, mother to E and B, mother extraordinaire. She is beautiful, fabulous, amazing. She is a wonderful mother, wife, and friend. And here she is, in the sunshine, looking exceptionally lovely. *What I wouldn't give for a porch swing . . .
I think this is AM on nursing duty.
Yes, definitely nursing. Her mom tells us that Little B is a terrific eater and that her weight is going up up up! That is great! I've always loved how comfortable AM is with nursing and mothering and doing everything she needs to for her children. She is a great example.

Little E, who no longer seems quite as little next to his sister, found C a suitable piece of playground equipment. I love the way his eyes light up as he plays and laughs. Oh, I guess I meant that about both E and C! E has also recently learned our names (mine and C's) and will run through the house yelling them over and over. It really does melt my heart a little bit.

No idea exactly what is going on here, but it is similar to how little E watch the demo derby with his ears covered. I also find it funny that all of C's facial hair no longer sends E running and crying from the room. He's overcome all of that and I'm betting that C is just way too much fun to play with to be considered scary anymore!
This one surely has some sort of story. E wants to fly up. His grandma (AM's mom, and E also) is looking up with some sort of concern. And I'm not sure what C is thinking, but he's looking towards me and R.

THIS is how big and charming E has gotten! He looks so grown up and ready to be a big brother!

R, in his fun paisley shirt. I don't have pictures of R, C, or me holding baby B, but we all did and I'm sure she left her sweet baby smell and warmth on all of us. R is just so darn cute and I knew E had to have gotten that charming look from somewhere. That also means that B stands a good chance of capturing her mother's stunning looks. Those dark haired, blue eyed beauties will get you every time.

My favorite, B and AM, daughter and mother.

***AM has more pictures of B and E on her site and I don't think she would mind visitors there!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

B's Quilt

I claim to not be very crafty or artsy, though I admire those qualities in other people. I wish I were more creative, although in certain areas me and creativity are great pals. I have so many friends and acquaintances that are just so talented! What I have here then is a labor of love. I have known B was coming since her lovely parents told me she was coming and then revealed who she would be. And I knew she needed a fantastic present. Jewels or clothing or toys or books were all wonderful suggestions, but I decided to make something just for her. I thought about it and cataloged that her mother, the fabulous AM, is a beach girl somewhere in her heart, and I knew that she was absolutely delighted in a baby girl and probably wouldn't mind some pinks, oranges, and blushes. A quilt was the only answer. And I knew just the fabric: Mendocino by Heather Ross.
So I designed a pattern and bought the fabric and waited. Then I read something about quilting and read a little more and waited. I cut and sewed and waited. B was born! I cut and sewed and quilted and now there was a gift worthy of this special baby girl.
A cellphone picture of the beginning stages. It was a pieced project, although not as intricate as some. The block pattern I designed for the quilt is at the top of the photo, but I'm not sure you can see it.
Since I have never quilted before, this was my starter, mini-quilt, that made me believe I could complete the larger quilt. I also think this little quilt is perfect for baby dolls, stuffed animals, and spit up. It is multi-purpose.
The back of the mini-quilt. I love the mermaids and swimmer girl. So much activity!
This is about half of the quilt with the back folded over. Needless to say, it is a BUSY quilt. But I am sure it is for an exceptionally bright and busy little girl.

More to show off.

The large quilt. I think it came out at 50 x 45 inches, or something close to that. I used bamboo batting because it stated that it was naturally antimicrobial and I thought that was best for a baby - does anybody know for sure?

The quilt did have a planned pattern in the craziness. Like I said, I spent hours designing just what I wanted. But of course, when I went to sew, I rearranged two rows and the result is, well, a beautiful handmade quilt that is a little random. I don't think too many people will notice. And did I mention that it was made with love? I'd take love over design any day.

A close up of four of the five patterned fabrics. We have octupi, sea horses (orange and blush), sea kelp, and the fabric with mermaids, swimmers, octupi, and turtles. I really think B will love it. I know that I do!