Thursday, May 21, 2009

Damage Again? What This Time?

What is this, you ask? Did the giant green HULK try to bust through our garage door?
No, but this certainly appears that way. And why are C and brother J so unafraid of the HULK-like (almost) break in?

Because the HULK never came. Brother J drove the Dodge Power Wagon into our garage door. In his defense, later, a few weeks later, the brakes went out completely with no injuries to anyone or anything. But imagine, if you will, that you are me. You just got home from work and are talking to your mom on the phone as you pace up and down your side porch. You see the boys, C and J come up the driveway in the Dodge. Your eyes follow the truck and for a split second you assume that J is going to have to stop the truck rather quickly, as it is getting really close to the garage door. Then, the Dodge does not stop and keeps going into the garage door, which did, of course, stop it. You get off the phone with your mother and walk towards the boys in disbelief. They are laughing hysterically.

The only real damage done to the Dodge. C had the paint touched up less than a week later.

Brother J, still slightly hysterical, but mostly sheepish. C and J fixed the garage door that evening, so no harm, no foul, I guess.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Dodgin' the Country Roads

A weekend out at C's parents' house is one of the best perks I received when I married into the family. The piece of land they own is something that they embody and I have grown to love it so much that I've invited it to be a part of me too. I love that this is the house that C grew up in and that it is ever changing to become more convenient and useful for those that live there. This is the land that he and his brother roamed, hunted, and camped. And who ever forgets the creek? More fun times than I can count and I'm sure those times are tenfold for C.
I know C only built a bed on the dodge so that the dogs could ride. He is so thoughtful like that. This is Boris, Bella, and Porter.

Ever diligent about all aspects of his truck.

My beautiful, wonderful MIL. More important, the mother of C!

Seeing what C is doing: Boris and Bella.

G, the ever-present FIL: C's dad!

Bubba, the charmer.

All of the dogs: Boris, Loki, Bubba, Porter, and Bella.

All dogs again and we are goin' for a RIDE!

Loki yawning and Porter.

Boris is SO excited!

And a sweet Boris face.

Steadfast driver C.

The prairie. You miss it when you are gone - I promise.

Look at those hills and valley and the green prairie with a hint of flint rocks peeking out. This is what my home, C's home, is all about.

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Beginning of a Fish Fry

Thursday evening, about 9:30pm, the fish came home with C. They were not quite dead yet. Ironically, earlier in the day, I had debated the "Do fish have feelings and emotions?" question with a patient. This was in response to our big blue gill (in the fish tank in the house) seeming to mourn the loss of the little blue gill. I'm going to go ahead and believe that these wild, almost dead fish, don't have too many feelings.
Remind me to disinfect the truck bed before climbing in this weekend!
Technique isn't bad.

Filleting? Is that what it is called?
There was some meat there, but a very small amount. C says it is early in the season and the fish are pretty lean.

The silent beast lies in the grass, waiting for his prey. He is quiet and still, hoping that an antelope (okay, it's Boris, a little boy) happens near his post. He can remain in this position for . . . uh, mere moments (and I am so surprised that I got a picture of this pose).

Play with me! I will bite your leg, Bella!

Bella girl relaxing on the grass. I was surprised by the color that shows up when taking photos with a flash in pitch black dark - that is as close to her real life reddish sawgrass color as I have seen on film.

The Wagoneer is in the garage! This is progress!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy 29th Birthday, C!

C had a poker night on the second of May, the evening before his birthday on the third. There were some boys there, a few girls (who were all unaware that we were not invited), and a baby. Oh, and Jack was invited. Do any of you know Jack? The BIG guy came and spent a lot of time with C. Which is why C stayed where he was and on Sunday, his birthday, he looked like this.
This is way after I picked him up at 9am. Good thing Boris likes to cuddle with those that pass out.

We've got a yawner.

The ears all flattened out mean that he is going to attack! Run! Exactly, C has not moved a muscle. Jack is not invited to the party next year.