Friday, December 17, 2010

THE Grille Guard/Bumper Combo

Like I noted, C has been working on stuff too. In the garage, like always. His truck needed a new bumper and grille guard, so he picked up his welder and some left over steel pipe laying around and created, yet another, deer killer. This frontal piece is not something I would mess with. In fact, I think the name brand version of the thing my husband just made (yes, that was pride you detected in my tone) retails for over $1500. So, who wants a new bumper and grille guard?

In profile:

The front shot:

Wow. I am always impressed by what C can create in his medium.
I can understand that we each just work in ENTIRELY different mediums, but that we both create in our own way.

Still at the Quilt Thing

Assembled top of little C's quilt:

I need to figure out the backing (a lovely shade of aqua), quilt the quilt, and figure out how to really bind a quilt (especially those pesky corners). The due date on this one is January 4th.

Fabric chosen for the next quilt:

This is for a recently born little boy. His daddy loves bright colors - especially orange, so I think it will be a hit. I already have the pattern for the top in my head, so I'm hoping assembly goes smoothly. Tentative due date on this, my first baby boy quilt, is December 23rd.

I have the fabric for one more baby boy quilt that is super overdue. I finally sketched out a design for the top that I like, so on to cutting and assembly. I would love to have this one done by New Year's Eve, but these are all A LOT of work for me. We'll see.

Part of the joy I get out of making these quilts is the joy and wonderment and gratitude I see on the parents' faces. I enjoy the colors of the fabrics and the designs I create for the tops. The assembly and quilting processes are labors of love, as the sewing itself is not my favorite part. That could be why I'm averaging one quilt per year - it takes me a long while to convince myself the entire process is worth it again. Which means, if you don't get a baby quilt from me, please don't be offended. I'm still not sure that quilting is my niche, we've had an abundance of babies born in the last eighteen months, and sometimes, I just hate to look at my sewing machine (over 30 years old, something is wrong with it, and to properly complete these quilts, I need a much more advanced/expensive machine). Excuses, I know. But I appreciate all of the compliments and encouragement on what I have managed to get done! Hope you all keep following along!

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Will it be Here in Time for Christmas?


Your order for 1 Test Tube Baby on 12/06/2010 has been recently shipped via SMARTPOST.

Your tracking number is: 0000

Your tracking number may not show in the online tracking system for a couple of days, so don't panic.

Your order may contain multiple packages that arrive on different days. If you don't receive your entire order at the same time, please wait a couple of days after you receive your first package before contacting us at X.

For future reference, your order number is: 0000.

[This was the email in my inbox about a week and a half ago. C thought it was so funny that I should "post it to your blog where people know about us." I'm sure he wanted you all to see the humor as well. He especially couldn't contain his laughter regarding "Your order may contain multiple packages." This email actually refers to a tee shirt I couldn't resist ordering from called Test Tube Baby. Go figure.]

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Family Photos/Christmas Card Non-Contenders

We are spending the weekend with C's parents. Sort of. I'm spending the weekend with C's parents and he's sleeping here when he is not hunting deer. And my parents are headed over in a bit for dinner. So really, we're one big happy family. Minus the percievably dead deer.

Which means now is the perfect moment to post SOME pictures that Kami @ OrangePeel Photography took of my cute little family.

These are the ones that C wants on our Christmas cards. These are the ones that will not be on our Christmas cards:

Boris strikes again. During a photo session, nonetheless.
Which, of course, cracks C up to no end.