Saturday, May 22, 2010

Muddin' at the Pond

First of all, YEAH BABY! C finished the yellow 1970something CJ/YJ frankenJeep!
What is the next thing that a guy like C does? Pray for rain. And then for mud.
Guess who was listening? Yep.

We've got a friend with a little land out in the country. He's generous about letting C keep vehicles/trailers out there. He had intended to create a pond in the back pasture. Neighbor stole the natural water supply. So he's got a dry pond bed. And when it rains, well, you see:

That is ME truckin' through the mud! It took a quite a bit of convincing for me to drive through the pond bed, so I did it real fast. Boys made me do it. SO MUCH FUN! I'd post pictures of C, N, and J, but you see, I was taking VIDEOS of them! We'll see if we can't upload them here later!

Muddy buddies. The red one still belongs to J! C was able to use his winch - you should have seen the happiness spread across his face as he played in the mud and winched others out of the pond. This guy apparently built the Jeep to see what it would take to destroy it - and he hasn't yet!

Dorky me.

The boys: J, N, and C. This was one picture where they were not trying to hurt one another. When do they grow out of that?
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Caleb's Birthday

Today is C's 30th birthday. He really doesn't care about it, but I do!

He actually made his own birthday smoked pork ribs and the twice baked potato casserole from the night before. I assembled the awesome salad and brought home a DQ ice cream cake. The cake might have spelled his name with a "K," but that didn't stop him from eating it! And alas, no picture of the cake because it doesn't look as nice with one fourth missing.

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When the Wife is Away

These rugs were white and light green when I left for AM's and my parents' this weekend.

They might have been washed with these bright red overly dyed rugs from the kitchen.

It made sense to get everything clean all together because he was more focused on the fact that this runs and drives.

Yep, there she is. What a fine looking gal, huh?

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