Thursday, March 31, 2011

Randolph ORV Park

Fun times at Randolph ORV Park! We went out with friends D&N, their kids Au&Ad, and new friend R. Thankfully, we found some mud, some steep climbs, and of course, a reason to get the winch out!

Fun mud! Soon after this puddle, Au and Ad wanted to ride in the "fun" Jeep that went through really deep mud holes. Their dad's Jeep just wasn't cool enough. But it did have all of the food!

So, C drove into this puddle. Slowly. And buried the front of the Jeep about up to the doors (which is saying something as it is a climb to get into the Jeep AND it's 2-3 inches higher until the new springs settle). Au was in the backseat and I was watching muddy water slop against my door.

C had to crawl out the door, onto the hood and then the bumper (custom made Fat Kid Bumper - now taking orders!) to grab the hook on the spool to toss to R on the opposite shore. Yes, we all expected C to slip off the muddy hood into the abyss in very comic fashion, but he disappointed us.

C waiting for R to attach the hook to the red Jeep (yes, we hang with far too many red Jeeps - if you'd like to hang with us, we're only taking applications for purple, black, bright green, and orange Jeep owners). It all worked out, but we did have an audience and a bunch of people laughing. Fun times.

Priceless. We were in the lead and came back to find this. R is kinda young and impetuous (from what I know) and he said that he saw the mud puddle (and the tree growing out of it) and thought to himself "What would C do?" Oh, yeah - get buried! Or, not attempt the too deep mud hole at all.

No worries, Au pulled him out in a wonderful exhibition of girl power.

We stopped at Vista for the high class appetizer of corndogs on the way back to C's folks' house. Where we had an awesome dinner, crawled over a wannabe beaver dam, and poked the skin off of a dead, water logged possum (okay, that last one was Au and Ad). Played with some kittens, shot some guns, and Boris did not eat anyone.

That's what I call a successful weekend.

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