Monday, September 20, 2010

Whatever Shall He Build for Me?

So, I have an incredibly talented builder in C. He proves his worth over and over again (not that he has to, after all, he's cute and I hear good looks last forever).

Anyway, I am crafty, which is way different than building, but we don't have the time for that dissection. C builds in his garage - which may or may not be more square feet of space than our house. He also has the back room to hang out in with the washer, dryer, and all of his clothes. I have the Orange room, also known as the library and the guest bedroom. It looks like this right now:

And I have more stuff strung out across the dining room table:

Oh dear, I probably look like a mess! And obviously I need a dedicated, multipurpose, organized area. The beautiful desk my parents bought for me isn't cutting it anymore. So I had a bright idea - move my desk to C's hang out room (he's got an actual PC with a monitor and tower, which is what my desk is built for) and build a huge workspace in the orange room. It is seven feet by two and a half by three feet. Huge. For sewing, stamping, quilting, grading papers, fooling around on the Internet, wrapping presents, etc. If necessary, someone could probably sleep on it. I wouldn't make anyone sleep on it, I'm just saying.

As usual, I remain unable to formulate or actually communicate what my ideas for the giant workspace are. It's a female-male thing, I think. C has his own ideas and a much better understanding of the limitations of material things, i. e. wood, metal, glass, so we go back and forth a bit. My ideas are within the realm of imagination, but not lathe and plaster reality. I also have no concept of the difference between master craftsmanship and thousands of dollars of specialty materials and tools and what C can do for me in our garage with stuff from Home Depot. Once we had all that sorted out and I threw up my hands for the eighth time and muttered whatever, C had free reign to do whatever he needed to in order to build an awesome, uh, functional workspace. After all of my grand ideas were tossed around, I decided that I'm okay with anything as long as it has a smooth, somewhat level work surface (top). So, I'm thinking that is what I'll get. Here's a sneak peek:

Silly readers, C is making it - you didn't really think he wouldn't get his welder out, did you?

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Saturday, September 18, 2010


She is beautiful. I'm blown away by what C built her from. He is so talented! The man can troubleshoot almost anything. This Jeep began as a rusty tub and a front clip. Now, she's trailworthy, roadworthy, and definitely mudworthy - just how we like our Jeeps!

It would take me too long to list the customizations and fabrications that C has done to her. But do notice the F-K-B painted on the front of the hard top above the windshield. Fat Kid Bumpers lives on. Also, the "Anti-Jeff" device on the back - there's a whole story of damage wrapped up in that one. The tire carrier/gasoline can holder is all the ingenious bossJ and C, but all Jeeps are running with them these days.

Sorry, you'll have to wait a little longer for CO pictures and stories - I've got to get back to grading assignments!

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