Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another Trip Home

I don't know which weekend out at C's parents this is, but it was a fruitful visit. Either this visit or the one after, AM's family came out and B, E, and R gorged on peaches and apples. Can't really blame them.

Branch almost touching the ground it's so heavy with fruit.

I think bees are part of the reason for the success of the fruit trees. Pollenaton is never a bad thing. And from bees comes HONEY. Don't be too jealous that C and I just took home a quart of raw honey!

Small apples, but full of flavor! I like playing fetch with the apples and dogs - they are surprised by the sweetness of their "ball."

Loki and Bella wanting to go for a ride.

More apples loading down the tree.

Can you see all the apples on the tree? I was a little worried about branches breaking off!

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Land

Out by G&L's house one Saturday morning around June 19. Storm moving as we headed to town. Thankfully, we only felt sprinkles and gusting wind as we were in the yellow Jeep.

I love that space. I love that place. I love that ride, journey, and trip. I love the sky. I very much adore the boy I was with and appreciate that he used his time, skill, and ability to make me a yellow Jeep. The wide open country is where we belong.

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