Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Anne's Birthday!

I celebrated a fantastic birthday on Tuesday! The best parts were as follows:

Terrific birthday hair and outfit. A definite fauxhawk with blue streaks. Favorite banana cardigan, purple swirl skirt, pink ruffle tank, silver shoes, and green bead & pearl necklace made by my very own AM. This picture was distributed to various persons via text just to increase their happiness on MY birthday! It was a good thing I dressed so cute on this Tuesday, because Mom and sister B walked into my workplace about an hour before we closed! It was a big surprise - although C totally knew about it! I was beyond excited to see Mom and B for my birthday.

I met up with them over at Home Depot to pick out my birthday present after work. C insisted I get a wheelbarrow with two front wheels, but I found a Gorilla Cart (I think that's what it is called) that will work well for us around the yard. Mom couldn't believe that I wanted a wheelbarrow for my birthday, but after asking her 52 million times, I think she realized that I was serious. I love the Gorilla Cart too - it's like a super duty wagon with tough wheels and a bed you can dump out. My first priority was to pull the wagon into the back yard to see if I could convince Boris or Bailey to go for a ride. That was unsuccessful. But I think the wagon will tote lawn clippings and produce around just fine! Thank you, Mom!

Mom and B stayed for a dinner made by the fabulous C. I know there were potatoes, asparagus, corn, and chicken casserole. Oh, and organic brown rice, my favorite! Not kidding. It was a great dinner! Wait until you see what Caleb made for dessert!

A very very special gift from the one I love. We have a wrap-around porch and it has desperately needed a porch swing since day one. I finally told C that a porch swing is all I wanted for my birthday. He looked all over and found me an OAK porch swing! I needed it hung the very same day he brought it home, so we went and purchased all of the accesories and cable - so I wouldn't get my fingers pinched in a chain. He is so smart - he hung the swing a little bit high so that your feet don't touch while swinging - just the way I like it. C says we'll let it weather naturally this year and possibly stain/protect it next year. My only problem is poop - lots and lots of berry eating pooping birds. Yuck. But really, just seeing that porch swing when I look out the window or pull up in the driveway makes me smile.

Sidenote: I spent at least half an hour with J's kids, L and G - pushing them on the swing. In the outside natural quiet, there were a few great conversations. I love those kids! And they liked the porch swing!

Last, but not least, the CAKE! C made another fabulous cake! It was a yellow cake made with fresh berry juice (strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries) and then the layers of whipped cream and fruit! Nobody could turn that cake down! It was so yummy! Thank you, C! I love you! And I especially appreciate how special you make my birthday just because you know how much it means to me!

My earliest present bundle came from the wonderful AM, who I can only guess was subtly hinting at her need for me to bake her a pie. Can you even guess? The coolest green apple pie dish and loads of fun accesories! Thank you!

**I did choose to work on my birthday because work is where some of my favorite people are! I styled my hair and put on a cute outfit and headed into work. I wasn't disappointed - my desk was decorated, I had flowers, a fruit tart, lunch, stationary in the mail, and lots more. It all served to make me feel loved and appreciated! Funny enough, the patients coming in guessed my age at 22! I have great genes from my parents! Although, since I've been married for five years, 22 makes me a young bride!

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