Saturday, September 29, 2012

Eighteen Weeks: Looks Good in Yellow

After a busy [EARLY] morning of garage saleing, we needed a wardrobe change into something more appropriate for warm weather (it was cold when we left the house at 615a).

So we changed on the backseat of the Jeep (yay Jeep! So far you are family friendly!).

"Yes, I was born in a barn!" I couldn't wait until this onesie fit.

Smiling and flailing!

Hugs? Wants up? All done?

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Enjoying the love of Family

Ivan with grandpa G. Contrary to what grandpa G says, Ivan knows exactly who he is and that his grandpa loves him very much!

Cuddles with grandma Ruby. Something about Grandma just chills Ivan out and he loves visiting out at their house - there's so much to see and do. For a little boy that loves the outdoors, there is no better place than a home where more doors than not lead outside!

Figuring out the world together.

Grandma Ruby always puts Ivan to sleep. She has the magical touch.

Sunshine sleepy baby.

Getting presents from uncle J and J! How fun! We've already read Runaway Bunny half a dozen times!

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Night Sink Bath

For some reason, Ivan looks like his dad here.  Not that I've ever seen C take a bath in a sink of bubbles, but still.

I think it started to get not-fun around this time, so he was rushed into a towel and then a sleeper to snuggle, nurse, and go to bed.  The next bath I gave him in this sink - he laughed through it.  And now he's moved up to the kitchen sink because he's such a big boy!

Happy Good Morning Boy

Just another Sunday morning. My mom and dad came up to help us with a few things and took some photos.

Ivan really loves to talk with us and definitely smiles when we smile at him. Once he wakes for the day, he's a morning person as well (unlike his mom).

Pure joy!

The best conversations are had at the changing table. C says Ivan giggles whenever C has to change a poopy diaper - we call that comedic timing - and justice!

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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Seventeen Weeks: Mom's Big Boy

We were waiting on my parents to get here for dinner. Ivan is always hungry and these days, so am I.

A very happy anniversary to my parents - 33 years, I believe. Along with my grandparents and C's parents, we've had some great examples of marriages and the dedication, love, and hard work it takes to be in that type of partnership.

Now, the cute baby photos!

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Big Boy

Ivan has such a fun time at K's house. She is so sweet to cuddle him on days that both C and I are working! I know that when he is at her house that he is reading and playing on his tummy, that D (K's husband) comes home quickly from work for a little extra time with Ivan. I don't think we could ask for anything more than a wonderful couple that treats Ivan like one of their own.

K even indulges me and sends the best pictures of Ivan during the day!

My smiley double-chinned baby below. He's wearing a onesie that says "The best things come in small packages" - somehow I picked it up at a garage sale. How prophetic, huh?

And, getting some tummy play time. He's getting so strong and mobile!

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sixteen Weeks: Night Before

First time in a long sleeved onesie, courtesy of Dad. For those who don't know, C has had the opportunity to stay home with Ivan since I went back to work when he was eleven weeks old. Dad and kiddo have bonded for sure. They actually came by my work today to visit and bring me lunch. Ivan garnered some intense attention and cuddling from what C calls "pretty PTs."

After nursing for a long while.

Here's a foot! Smell it! Kiss it!

Looking at YOU.


Hungry. Still. Seriously.

Hand's gone - will you feed me yet?!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Life is Exhausting

So I come home from work each night and Ivan nurses and nurses and nurses. He's a hungry little dude and he (from what I can tell) craves the comfort of nursing as well. Sometimes the feeding goes right up to bedtime and we end up changing the little guy's pants while he is flat out asleep.

Chubby baby face. Perfect eyes and nose and lips and those ears. And the big cheeks and chins.

Chubby wrist and hand.

Passed out (with me right there) on his awesome blue changing table (Dad cleaned it up and painted it for a neurotic Mom). I just kept laughing at the little guy - so so tired and wouldn't wake for anything.

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

The One with a Hat

Love this froggy baby bottom.

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Fifteen Weeks: Many Shadowed Faces

Mostly tired faces - we went to bed right after these were taken.

Lots of bubbles. Lots of drool.

He's actually propped up in a B.umbo seat (lots of blankets, ALWAYS supervised, constantly watching his head). He's moving his arm quite vigorously here. Up and down, up and down.

Slowed down.

He's still got the cheeks!

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

On the Move in a Bjorn

You put the baby in the Bjorn.

You snap, slide, pull and buckle all parts.

Baby holds on to you for dear life.

Friend A looks on in horror, surprise, or amusement (I can't quite tell).


We went for a walk in the setting sunshine.

Friend N talks about how much better life is in the country. And he laughs at C for wearing the Bjorn.

Baby I fell asleep on the walk. He made his dad all sweaty. We decided to move to the country. But these pictures were taken around August 6th.

Beautiful boy loves the outdoors. Just like his daddy.

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