Sunday, January 23, 2011

Boris's Fight

So, Boris when with C over to a friend's house. This friend has a huge chow/golden retriever looking dog named Ranger. Ranger has a new friend - a black and white little female pit bull puppy. Boris is friendly. Ranger is friendly. The puppy has always been friendly. Boris and Ranger have met before and played together, but, when you throw a girl in the mix . . . there's bound to be trouble. Boris LOVES playing with anybody and began playing with the puppy. Ranger didn't care for this and tried to bite Boris's head off. [Let's all be thankful for one moment that I wasn't there to scream and cry when this all happened]. It's an animal/boy thing for sure, so no one is upset about it.

Boris wants to know why I'm bugging him when he really wants to be in the back room with C and Bailey and Bella.

Well, I just wanted a picture of his wound. He's got these nice gouges and some scratches to the back of his neck. This picture was taken after C shaved the area, treated it with iodine, and put some antibiotic ointment on it (C's a great medic in a pinch!).

Poor Boris thought he'd done something wrong and he definitely didn't, so he's been getting lots of love and peanut butter and gravy on his food. Poor baby.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

C's Quilt

Little C is an amazing tiny girl. I met her when my dear friend M came to visit her family in early January. I was lucky enough to spend half a day with M & C (husband S was back home in Maryland), M's parents, grandparents, and aunt & uncle. My C was able to join us for dinner in Lawrence (M's grandma made the best cheesy potato casserole I've ever had!).

C is a little over six months actual age and almost four months adjusted age. Did you catch that? Little C was born to her parents eleven weeks early at 29 weeks gestation. So, M & S were expecting a baby in early September, and C was born one day before their fifth wedding anniversary in late June. It was a shock to say the least. Little C was born healthy and spent eight weeks in the NICU putting on weight and learning how to regulate her temperature. She is a darling fighter and I am so glad this segment of the story has a happy ending.

As M is one of my dearest (& oldest) friends, I knew I wanted to make something for Little C. Since she was so early and unexpected in June, I began to work on an "unexpected" and crazily-put-together baby quilt. This quilt was made with all the remainders and scraps I could find in my stash with pink/orange/blush coloring.

Crumpled in the sun on the front porch. This quilt came with orders TO BE USED.

Some of the aqua backing and quilt lines - still in the sun.

Shot of the back. I had the best laid plans for a completely aqua back with aqua binding, but of course, did not purchase enough aqua fabric. I do love the hodge-podge look though. My second issue was underestimating the amount of time it would take me to handstitch the binding to the back of the quilt. It looks so polished and finished, but handstitching alone took at least eight hours.

The front in all of it's strip quilting glory. I LOVE the colors and expect any little girl will love them as well. So many of these fabrics are tied to another quilt, clothing, or project I (or AM) have made, and I can only hope that Little C will love this quilt as much as I do!