Sunday, October 17, 2010

Runnin' Around

Oh, we've been busy. Notice that you have yet to see any pictures from our Jeep trip to CO in September. C's been working a ton since surveying does the bulk of the business in the summer. I've been working a lot too: I've taught two back-to-back mass communications courses over the last nine weeks in addition to my 9-6 job. Many things are also occurring in the subtitles of our lives.

But sometimes you take a break. We both came down with a killer cold this past week. Feeling better and bought C some new boots yesterday. And today, today we toured in the old Dodge WC. No pictures of any of that. Just some of the dogs enjoying C's friend J's awesome property. I know, we have a lot of J friends. This one builds old Dodges, like C does.

So, three dogs in a field, smiling Boris, playing in the water, Bailey checking on Bella, Boris springing on Bella, and the three mid wrestling. They have a ball out at J's house.

In other news, we had family pictures taken by KamiV over at Orange Peel Photography tonight. Weather and light cooperated, dogs were typically funny, and I'm looking forward to some photos that feature the old Dodge that C built. I'm so proud of what he can do and I think some of his pride comes through in the photos. At any rate, I know our moms will be thrilled with family photos. Can I mention the love we have for K? She is fantastic. Friend and photographer.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Almost Done

Almost done is the way some things in our house stay for awhile. But this project is at the functional stage, waiting on me for the final touches.

The masterful C working on the desktop.

C remembered that I might need a shelf for my printer - so smart, that man!

Essentially, installed. Can you tell that it is seven feet long? Three feet high? It is so awesome - just needs painting!

Dad sent some paint with Mom last weekend. Oil based semi-gloss for the curious. I threatened to go to H.ome Depot for paint and instead, I get to use some fabulous P.orter Paint. In this picture, it just looks cluttered again, but there is a method AND I have to clear it all off again to paint it anyway. Potential problem: this workspace is the perfect height for leaning over to work on a task, but not for your average office chair. C came home with TWO drafting chairs from work! I was dreading spending the money on specialty chairs!

As of right now, I have a dining room table again and I almost have the guest bed cleared off. I need to find time to paint the top, hang some pictures, and organize a little more, and I am done! C did such a great job!

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